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The seeds were planted for ROOTS AND WISDOM music in Nigeria West Africa,
where Wisdom Ogbor was born and where he began early in his life to lead singing groups
in his schools’ cultural and religious festivities. According to Wisdom, songs began to form 
in his head in those early childhood days, and the presence of the songs inside his being 
always moved him to search for forums to present the songs.

It came to pass that when Wisdom’s parents sent him to study in a university in the United 
States of America
, Wisdom became heavily influenced by access to music from all over the 
world which competed for listenership in the USA . In New York City and Washington 
DC, Wisdom began collaborating and writing music with African American musicians, 
Brazilians, Jamaicans, Cubans and African musicians who came for summer tours in the 
United States. A stint as a Disc Jockey on a popular Dallas Texas radio station raised 
people’s confidence in Wisdom and he began getting booked in local venues with his own 
band. He toured all over the USA and settled in Austin Texas, where he became involved 
with bicycle activism.

Wisdom’s bicycle projects took him to Mexico and Central America . He took along with 
him his guitar and tapes of his old music which were recorded in Africa, in Ghana and  
, and also in the United States . In Mexico people quickly took a liking to 
music and musicians there readily gave their support to him to play his music 
and show him a true Mexican hospitality. That experience encouraged Wisdom to write 
several songs in Spanish. He also writes and sings in two Nigerian languages, (Ibo and 
Yoruba), and in English.

Wisdom’s band ROOTS AND WISDOM plays in the tourist zones of Mexico and Central 
America, and in the United States of America . In Mexico and Central America , the group 
is well tested with the presence of international tourists from all over the world who regularly 
take the music home with them to their different parts of the world.

A friend with a recording studio in San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas Mexico , gave 
Wisdom cheap studio time and together with other musician friends from the USA , Haiti ,  
and Europe, they began recording new songs from the Latin America Experience”
These songs, with old music which were recorded in Africa and in the USA , were remixed 
to make this CD, BICYCLES FOR RASTAS MAYAS (From Africa to the Land of the Mayas).

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