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Songs of R o o t s A n d W i s d o m music - NEGRO YANGA



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3.Negro Yanga
4.Rock Of Ages
5.Malixch Pek
6.Yaliwe Drum Master
7. Tim Bim Ti Naay
9.Cielito Lindo
10.Mente Instrumental
11.Fabulous And War
12.One God
13.Your Shadow


The Negro Yanga CD was released in 2007 as a tribute to an old Mexican slave town.

African Djembe and hand drumer Owen Towles participated strongly in this recording both as a player and engineer.

EL NEGRO YANGA, is the founder of the first black town in the Americas to become free from slavery. The town is named YANGA, VERACRUZ, near Cordoba and the Port of Veracruz in Mexico.

Yanga's name is also well known and used in Nigerian pidgeon English to describe people who are "too proud of themselves". "You dey make yanga!" people will say.


MUSICIANS: Voices and Guitars: Wisdom Ogbor / Lead Guitars: Prince Foster, Sunday Ofili / Bass: James Robinson, Wisdom Ogbor, Prince Foster, Marcelo Jones / Keyboards: Kwesi Ebo, Prince Foster, Sunday Ofili, Terry Thomas / Drums & Percussions: Owen Towles, Ian Nigh, Guy Mendilow, Gabriel Gablah / Chorus: Rex Abbeh, Jemima Narter, Kerzia Nater, Leigh Wise, Ruby Jeff, Sheila Collado


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