SOUND: The sound and equipment required to present a live concert of  ROOTS AND WISDOM is a minimum of the following, which is also considered independently in the contractual estimate of every live performance.

  1. A Stage with enough space to accommodate a minimum of 8 musicians and their instruments
  2. 15 microphones with stands. (Boom stands and regular stands)
  3. A minimum of 2 double 15” Medium speakers with tweeters (Indoors)
  4. A minimum of 2 subwoofers (Indoors.)
  5. A minimum of 6 stage monitors. (Indoors. Measure outdoor sound by expected capacity, and consult your local sound person).
  6. A sound mixer with a minimum of 24 channels.
  7. A minimum of 3 power amps of at least 1500 watts each.
  8. All connecting cables
  9. 1 guitar amplifier with a minimum of 500 watts (ROLAND types with chorus).
  10. 1 keyboards amplifier with a minimum of 500 watts.
  11. 1 bass amplifier with a minimum of 700 watts.
  12. Purified bottled water on the stage for all musicians
  13. 3 backstage rooms for musicians to change clothes and use the bathroom.
  14. Lemon tea with honey in the backstage rooms
  15. Purified bottled water in backstage rooms.
  16. Meals cooked with seafood only and vegetarian meals.
  17. Dry towels in backstage rooms and on stage.
  18. Transportation for a minimum of 10 group members to and from venue of live music presentation.
  19. A minimum of 6 rooms in a decent hotel or home with enough space for musicians to relax.
  20. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10 people during the period of the live music performances.
  21. A space to sell CD’s and merchandises at the venue of live music presentations.
  22. A minimum payment, equal in any currency, to US$3,000.00 or as negotiated.


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