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From Africa, U.S.A., Mexico, worldwide, This is Roots And Wisdom Music


After three years of searching and auditions for suitable talents worthy of participation in the Roots And Wisdom music's Africa "WILD" project (Worship, Inspiration, Life, Devotion), we are happy to announce that the first set of artists enlisted in this talent search are now ready for showcasing. The qualifying musicians were enlisted from various parts of Nigeria, and now have their recordings and videos available on CD's and music videos. Some of these music videos are already available for free viewing on youTube, by clicking the pictures of the artists below:-

Sister Joy James (Nee Ogbor), is an acclaimed Gospel Music artist whose track "I DIDN'T KNOW" was selected because of it's popularity in gospel and pentecostal church circles around the world. When the single was released several years ago as part of the CD "IDENTITY HEAVEN", gospel musicians and churches were singing the single at their events without giving due credit to Sister Joy as the rightful composer. Through this project, we have helped Sister Joy to match her face to her song, and people all over the world are now saying "We didn't Know..."

Angel Flash is featured with her single, "JOHNNY". Discovered while she was selling her wares and singing her songs on the streets of Onitsha, Africa's biggest market town in Nigeria, Angel Flash is trying very hard here to spread her wings with this very melodious song about her struggles with people who did not care about her until she became famous.

We found YoungTcee near Nnewi, the old capital of the original Biafra, not too far away from the infamous Ojukwu Bunker. As Nigeria is tangled with political crisis with Boko Haram and the Biafra agitations, YoungTcee is managing to keep his focus on music with his single "AKUKO (The Gist)", recounting his own life's story as he struggles as a youth in the melting pot, now still known as Nigeria.

Biggie is a musician who sings about his long lost love in this single titled "OGECHI". His style is the smooth and cool rendition that turns his fans on with passion.Watch him here as he dances his way to the hearts of several beautiful girls, trying to find the true heart of his truly beloved Ogechi.

This track "TANANANA BABY" from 2Dark is a dance groove. 2Dark is an outstanding Nigerian musician who is fluent in several Nigerian languages, making him a true Nigerian with a one love heart. He is joined here by Young Send, another upcomming artist to deliver this track with remarkable international qualities.

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Calling all aspiring musicians, actors, writers, dancers and entertainers to join in the auditions with Roots And Wisdom Music Africa Productions in 2015. With the release of the first CD compilation project for Nigeria in early 2015, more premium RAW productions will follow in music, music videos and film productions. All aspiring and performing artists are invited to take part in these projects. HERE IS HOW...


The Nigerian society is dominated by religion, spirituality, politics and power. Entangled in between the citizens thrive to survive. Christians sing their hearts out for their love for Jesus Christ. In these recordings, christians live by faith, love and Roots And Wisdom music...
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