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THE BORDER / La Frontera

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1. Aflao  
2. E Ma Gbagbe Mi
3. Let Us Pray claim
4. Mercy claim
5. The Border claim
6. Cash King claim
7. La Hacendosa claim
8. Kiss the Teacher claim
9. Coffee Song claim
10. Bebom Reggae Mon claim
11. Get There claim
12. Cash King Acoustic claim

These first selection of songs were earlier licensed to raise awareness for an agricultural project in Africa. They were then released as the CD "The Border / La Frontera", plus and minus certain songs.

Roots And Wisdom is a proven leader in multi-language music production, recording in English, Spanish, two Nigerian languages of Ibo and Yoruba, and even the modern day language of the Mayas of Mexico and Central America... read more



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13. Jerusalem
14. Mount Cameroon
15. La carretera claim
16. Living Earth claim
17. Obama Mama claim
18. Holbox claim
19. Do Something claim
20. I am not Bob Marley claim
21. Amor Kumbanchero claim
22. Kiss the Teacher claim
23. Echi Bu Uka Amaka claim
24. Carretera Drumers claim
25. Isagba Odua claim

The following lists of songs were released as support for an independent movie project. The CD release was to promote the origins of the story of the movie and raise money to complete production. This reflects a simple approach that is mostly characteristic of Roots And Wisdom music...
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28.Negro Yanga claim
29.Rock Of Ages claim
30.Malixch Pek claim
31.Yaliwe Drum Master claim
32. Tim Bim Ti Naay claim
33.Kwajie claim
34.Cielito Lindo claim
35.Mente Instrumental claim
36.Fabulous And War claim
37.One God claim
38.Your Shadow claim

The Negro Yanga CD was released in 2007 as a tribute to an old Mexican slave town. It forms this next selections.

EL NEGRO YANGA, is the founder of the first black town in the Americas to become free from slavery. The town is named YANGA, VERACRUZ, near Cordoba and the Port of Veracruz in Mexico...
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39.Huracan Wilma
40.Africa Fe
41.Yaliwe claim
42.Ajayi Crowder claim
43.Mente Analitica claim
44.Onye Bu Onye Iwe claim
45.My Kaliman Die claim
46. Bicycle Ebulu M claim
47.Bikes Not Bombs claim
48.Tim Bim Ti Nah claim
49.La Guacamaya claim
50.Africa Fe Bonus claim
51.Mente Acoustica claim
52.Tim Bim Ti Dance claim

This next collection of songs is from the CD "AFRICA FE" released by Roots And Wisdom exclusively to raise funds for a cultural center in Mexico.

The AFRO MAYAN Cultural Center was launched in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, in the state of Quintana Roo, in Mexico with the release of this CD.
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54.Nyabinghi Girl
55.Ras Kimono Dijo claim
56.Tulum claim
57.King Zugo's Clan claim
58.Raices De Africa claim
59.Senorita Perez claim
60. Onum Ga-Ekwu claim
61.Rastas Mayas claim
62.Jealous Boys/Girls claim
63.Nadia claim
64.The City claim
65.Ema Gbagbe Mi claim
66.Hometown Baby claim

This was the first effort by Roots And Wisdom to release a CD in the Mexican market after recording in the USA and Africa for a only a few years.

Utilizing songs written in Spanish, English and in native African languages of Ibo and Yoruba from Nigeria, Wisdom Ogbor raised the profile of his travelling band to the next international level... read more

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