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The story of the making of the cd project "Bicycles for Rastas Mayas" is much more than space was allowed to write about on the cd sleeves. Many names were mentioned in the liner notes. Along with other names which were not mentioned, the full story of the making of the cd project can now be presented in a  generous manner and with a no less than candid allowance of space.

Since the first Roots And Wisdom cd which was released in 1996 with little fanfare, there was never any plan to release any more albums even though there is a heavy reservoir of songs. But there was a lot of travelling within the United States of America and beyond. 

When Wisdom got involved with the bicycle project, he began to travel a lot to Mexico and Central America. Being in these new environments gave him another way to appreciate the music he has. The more that people began to appreciate this music with him, it convinced him that there was enough interest from people to start performing the music live and to record more of them again. His collaboration with the musician stream which was readily available to him made it possible to give this cd the international flare which it reflects.

Several musicians have played their parts in one music or the other on the cd, at different stages in the making of the songs. In Veracruz for example, during collaborations with musicians of son jarocho music, Wisdom developed a certain flare to "flow" with lyrics in spanish. More collaborations with garifuna musicians from Honduras further sharpened the focus of roots and wisdom music and the usefulness it had to assume in the arena of world music.

The recording process of the songs in Mexico was able to happen through a chance collaboration with a tenor saxophone player from Austin Texas, named Reuben Haga. Ruben traded in one of his saxophones for quality studio time to record six songs which were mastered with other songs recorded in Ghana and Nigeria for the total number of songs on the cd.

Credit goes to the touring members of Roots And Wisdom band at that time who had become very familiar with the songs through several practice sessions and live performances. An advantage result of that experience was that the studio time was well used and the songs were recorded in good time. Naturally, the cd took on the name of the purpose that had helped to bring people together in Wisdom's projects of help for  people in the maya regions with people from Africa, Europe and the Americas. Bicycles for Rastas Mayas. 

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