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is a four hectare ranch in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, near Cancun,  for your holiday and adventure pleasure.

Since Cancun is the undisputed destination of several people around the world as a holiday spot, the beautiful seaside resort gets overbooked. Holiday makers get bored with the same impersonal tour packages that cost too much, and they want to know what else is available.

We can pick you up from the Cancun International airport or from Playa del Carmen or  Tulum. Since Cancun is too much of where you have left from to visit Mexico, our focus is to take you through an experience that refreshes you differently and affordably. 

We spend a little time to see Cancun and we drive in our comfortable and safe transportation to Playa del Carmen a twenty five minute drive from Cancun.

Shop in the legendary 5th avenue, swim the beautiful Caribbean ocean and depart to spend the night in Tulum, a twenty five minute drive on the picturesque Riviera Maya 

Tulum is a tri-faced historic Mayan town that is legendary as the only site of a Mayan ancient pyramid altars in front of the sea. That is one face of the town called Tulum. The other faces are the tourists from all over the world who vacation on the vast beaches of Tulum, and the town about 10 km from the sea where the town government convenes.

You can read up to a thousand stories of Tulum on an internet search, the real story is that the beaches of Tulum get over crowded during the busy seasons like December to April. The beach can become redundant day in and day out when you have seen all the sights and done all the water activities.

That is when we drive you away into the Mayan jungles spaning an hours drive from Tulum. Welcome to Carrillo Puerto, the spiritual headquarters of the fight for the survival of Mayan culture in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, land of the historic "talking cross" of the Mayas.

Enjoy a musical concert to your honor at the bicycle ranch with the townspeople. Visit numerous Mayan villages lagoons and historic sites. Get lost in the jungle in guided bicycle rides into the natural reserves of Sian Kaan Forests. Ride as you can for hours or days discovering the Mayan trails in the forests protected by an act of the United Nations.

If you have time, instead of returning right away to Tulum, Playa del Carmen or Cancun, drive away with us on a one hour drive to Mahahual on the Coasta Maya. 

People who go on cruises to Mexico from Miami will remember Mahahual as a stop over point where thousands of cruise ship passengers rush through before continuing again on their cruise. There is no hurry here. Get treated to native seafood cuisines. Lounge around in exotic and private beaches. Belize is not too far away from here if you have time to cross the border and venture into an English speaking territory.

Got some vacation time coming?

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