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Filming has advanced very well in Mexico on the movie project inspired by Roots And Wisdom music, "I AM NOT BOB MARLEY". All the parts for Mexico have been practically conceived and filmed, with some materials already posted on some current Roots And Wisdom music videos...read more

who are the roots and wisdom alumnus?: tribute to the players of instruments

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The death of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was
announced on November 26, 2011. During the early
years of Nigeria's independence in the 1960's, Chukwu-
emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was involved with others,
in a series of historic events that led to a bloody geno-
cidal civil war in Nigeria between 1966 and 1970.

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The Akwukwu-Igbo Cultural Trust initiative was launched in 2011 as a forum to promote music, arts and culture from Akwukwu-Igbo artists, and friends of Akwukwu-Igbo.
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Where They Are, How Are They ?

During the sad dark period of slave trade, millions of African people were taken away from their African homelands and scattered like seeds all over the new world. It is more widely known that there are "Black Americans" in the United States of America. But America is much more than just the U.S.A. Few people know that there are also black people of African decent in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, or even Nicaragua. Here is a clue to where to find more black people of African decent on the American continent.





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The countdown is on for the end of the cycle of the Mayan calendar in 2012. With the countdown also comes a lot of different speculations about what to expect with this impending end. Some people in one form or another are predicting that the world will come to an end in the same manner it was speculated that there would have been lots of chaos as the world prepared to welcome the end of 1999, on January 1, 2000.

More reasonable predictors have however agreed that whatever happens in 2012, it will have to raise a collective consciousness of people about the universe. There are other indications that the Mayans are not the only ones expecting this change.

What are the signs?

The increased number of natural disasters are out rightly scaring people about what they are seeing. The earthquake in Haiti opened a lot of people's eyes to the face of misery long after the floods of the tsunamis in Asia put that word "Tsunami", for the first time in the vocabularies of many people. The tsunamis and hurricanes have now brought a huge scare to people living on or near the pacific ocean. This most recent tsunami in Japan is now heading to be the worst of these natural disasters, of a nuclear capability.

 It should be noted that in the bible it is predicted in there that the last days of humankind will be seen with many human and natural disasters in the amounts that it had never been known before. Environmental scientists now are also putting in their own claim, blaming everything on global warming.

Whatever it is, it is looking like the earth is surpassing it's own ability to sustain the pressures humans are putting on it; Pressures such as the siphoning of zillions of barrels of oil and other natural resources from as far as several hundred kilometers under the earth. And there are other pressures too, like emissions of dangerous and deadly gasses that are released daily into the earth's atmosphere, coming down later as deadly chemicals, mixed with the rains. Naturally, driven to this breaking point the earth is bursting up into several natural disasters.

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Get news and information about tourism in the Mexican caribe, syndicated through Associated Press International
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The whole world is connecting real fast  through the internet, in a way that was not possible to do many years before. In the infancy of the revolution, there was the "electronic mail". Now we have seen the different re-inventions of the e-mail, including the social networking forums of which the most popular for today has become "Facebook".

Welcome to the Facebook Universe. Thanks to Facebook, people are reconnecting with long lost family members, friends and lovers. Unlike most other social sights, Facebook is not only for professional people who are trying to sell something. Facebook is also for people who want nothing but to communicate with friends and family, and watch the rest of the world.

It is working. If you do not already have a Facebook account, it might be a good idea to open one and find your people are will be happy to hear from you and see your face.

"SOL MAR Y PLAYA" Son Jarocho
y mas, en el caribe Mexicano...
Cel: (052 1) 984 127 9106

who are the roots and wisdom alumnus?:
tribute to the players of instruments






A letter to activists, social organizations and all citizens of the U.S.A

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bicycles for rastas mayas: the story of the making of the cd is told

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markets in la ruta maya: marketable ideas for economic survival

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On the night of Sunday March 21, 2010,  a majority of the democrats in the United States Congress gave President Barrack Obama a taste of what the changes he stands to represent, could be like. They passed the health care bill that has had the whole of American polity fighting each other since Obama became president. All the republican members of congress, along with 33 members of Obama's own party, voted to kill Obama's heath care reform bill. But because of the mandate for change, which gave Obama and his democrats in congress a majority, 219 democratic congress people were able to give President Obama a victory only supported grudgingly, by his party people.
      Is this a sign of how Obama will have to fight throughout his presidency to get the changes he wants?. Unfortunately, this is opening the young president's eyes to the harsh realities of politics in America as he watches his popularity plummet to dust. It is a sadder reality to face for the people who elected the first African-American president in history to undo all the carnal wrongs of his predecessor.
      These political trends have inadvertently made it impossible for the American people to keep up the faith that Obama is "the one". Even President Barrack Obama himself, has began to shift. The walls he has had to run into, have shifted him, instead of him shifting the walls.
      With so many more "changes" still being called for, will Barrack Obama be able to effect all the changes that were demanded for, and promised in the euphoria of the presidential elections when the choices were between himself, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, to bring on the change that American people desperately needed?
      True, electing Barrack Obama was the first of these changes that the American people sought. But it seemed that many people had their foresights limited past that first historic change. Barack Obama seemed like that "radical" to bring the "radical" changes that America needed, to stop all the wars; set the prisoners free, and bring all the soldiers home. More changes are even needed far beyond all that, but you will see that you have to look beyond Barrack Obama's ability, even if he is willing to change the United States of America.
      As long as the American public are so apt to often believe in "misinformation", and hypes, and trends, no significant change will ever succeed in the American polity. The only "possible" change after the one of the election of Barrack Obama, is in one.



RReggae music has transcend all records in popularity around the world. In the Maya world, in the Yucatan peninsula reggae music is as sacred as their local traditional "Maya Paax" One of the reigning voices in the Reggae En Maya music is Santos Santiago. Santos is collaborating with Roots And Wisdom Music for a production of his next CD which he promises will be a surprise to his fans who have been waiting anxiously for his next release.

Take a close look at this plant. You can not eat it; you can not smoke it. It can traumatically harm you. Yet it carries it's significance for the Mayan people in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, as an ancestral tree.

This is a young plant of the Chichen tree that can grow and shoot into the majestic skies like any tree of the amazon or the Iroko or Baob tree.

The sap of the Chichen tree is white like milk, but will burn a whole through your skin on contact. A red stemmed tree named "Chaca" is a neutralizer for the Chichen sap, and is legendarily nearby where Chichen trees grow.

The presence of the Chichen tree in certain positions on peoples lands is considered to have a spiritual blessing. The wood of the Chichen tree when it is cut down and the sap is dried, is harmless and is considered one of the most precious wood for building in the Yucatan peninsula and all over the world.

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