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Songs of R o o t s A n d W i s d o m music - AFRICA FE


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1.Huracan Wilma
2.Africa Fe
4.Ajayi Crowder
5.Mente Analitica
6.Onye Bu Onye Iwe
7.My Kaliman Die
8. Bicycle Ebulu M
9.Bikes Not Bombs
10.Tim Bim Ti Nah
11.La Guacamaya
12.Africa Fe Bonus
13.Mente Acoustica
14.Tim Bim Ti Dance

In 2005, "AFRICA FE" was released byRoots And Wisdom exclusively to raise funds for a cultural center in Mexico.

The AFRO MAYAN Cultural Center was launched in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, in the state of Quintana Roo, in Mexico with the release of this CD. This is a 14 song CD of new recordings in collaboration with various producers and engineers like Dr. King Cobra, and Jim Robinson.

More materials were produced by Wisdom Ogbor to give this CD a heavy African trademark for which most of the recordings are characteristic of. Songs were recorded in African languages, English, Spanish and Maya. Recorded in Mexico, Belize and the USA on a portable studio. 

MUSICIANS: Lead voices & Guitars: Wisdom Ogbor / Lead Guitars: Hector Cabrera, Marcelo Jones / Bass: James Robinson,Wisdom Ogbor, Dr. King Cobra, Marcelo Jones / Drums: Wisdom Ogbor, Dr. King Cobra / Chorus:Sheila Collado

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